What is digitizing?

Many people often mistake Embroidery Digitizing to Graphic Digitizing. It is completely different, allow us to explain.

Embroidery Digitizing is the process Embroidery Companies use to turn your graphic logo into stitches. We use special software that generates codes that our Embroidery machines can read and translate to things like, Needle up, Needle Down, Change color, Trim thread, Move up, Move down, Sew Filled area, Sew text, Sew underlay etc. Everything the Embroidery machines DO, the Digitizer has programmed within the design of your logo. Even thickness of letters and spacing is all done exactly or direction of thread…how the threads lay and how thick they are….yes, all done through computer programming.

This is why there is a set up fee to generate an embroidered design from your graphic. Some are mistaken into thinking it is a scanned process like screen printing…but it is far more complicated and those that digitize well have had years, upon years of experience. We don’t rely on just computer generated text like many companies today. We care about making your logo the best and most unique it can be.

For best results, it all starts with clean and high resolution images. Sometimes we can work with photographs, but prefer clean graphic art when possible. 300dpi or greater is best and 1200 pixels wide is also suggested. We generally say 4X the original size of the finished product is helpful. What we basically do is use your graphic as our pattern and lay the stitches overtop of that image..so fuzzy lines mean hard to see lines and you may not get what you hoped in the end.

As you can see, digitizing is a art form and you will get different versions of your logo with every embroidery company you deal with. This is why we like to keep our customers and encourage repeat business. Our price and service can’t be beat. We hope you will choose Direct Promotions as your loyal Embroider provider both now and in the future.